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Our pharmacist created blend of vitamins, antioxidants and herbs help to eliminate alcohol produced toxins thereby preventing hangovers. Consuming alcohol causes frequent urination which leads to the lost of vitamins needed to fight hangovers. With 2 capsules before your first drink, Cocktail Cleanse preloads you with those vitamins and assists in the elimination of toxins, which cause hangovers.

Cocktail Cleanse

  •  is a proprietary blend of essential amino acids,
  • vitamins and
  • antioxidants which is needed to naturally eliminate acetaldehyde


  • is a poison.
  • created when alcohol is being metabolized.
  • is thought to be the reason for hangovers.

Prevent HANGOVERS with only 2 capsules. ⁠

  1. Take 2 capsules before your first drink. ⁠
  2. Drink and have fun!⁠
  3. Wake up feeling great. ⁠

Drinking alcohol causes frequent urination and the vitamins necessary to recover are lost, 2 capsules of Cocktail Cleanse preloads you with the vitamins needed to support a healthy liver.

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These capsules have changed my life. I drink as much as I want and always wake up fine.


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2 reviews for 2 capsule pack

  1. cocktailcleanse.com (store manager)

    Excellent Product

  2. Stephanie Miller (store manager)

    I was super skeptical when I ordered. I tried stuff before to help with hangovers, to mixed results. Nothing really worked as good as pounding a Biolyte before bed or in the morning, but sometimes its hard to force myself to drink something when I have those hangover feelings. But this stuff has been amazing. I mean I still feel the dehydration a bit, but my head is clear, I can focus, no head ache. I will probably buy this again. I’m so impressed.

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