Cocktail Cleanse helps eliminate acetaldehyde and prevents hangovers


Drinking alcohol can come with several side effects. One of the most common side effects, without any doubt, is a hangover. It comes with symptoms like fatigue, nausea, thirst, and sensitivity to light and sound. Drinking can intervene with your sleep which is why you might feel sleep-deprived. A hangover can feel like jet lag […]

How is alcohol eliminated from the body?


Our body eliminates alcohol through various mechanisms. Like anything we consume, our body will first process and then remove it. The effect of alcohol on various tissues of our body depends on its concentration in our blood. The liver is the vital organ RESPONSIBLE for metabolizing alcohol. Once you ingest alcohol, it is absorbed into […]

Keeping your liver healthy while you drink


Alcohol is the main culprit for a hangover. Consuming different varieties of alcoholic beverages at the same time can even worsen your hangover. That is why it is always said to be aware of what and how much alcohol you drink. With the Cocktail Cleanse’s hangover prevention capsules and liver cleanse pills for hangovers, you […]

The best routine for a Hangover


Currently, several traditional remedies seek to combat the effects of a hangover. These remedies range from taking vitamin supplements, eating certain foods, or even exercising to minimize the annoying state of hangover. According to various studies, there is no effective method to end hangovers. But studies suggest certain nutrients may lessen the effect. By loading […]

How to feel better in a hangover?


There is a general rule when drinking alcohol, the more alcohol you drink, the greater the possibility of having a hangover the next day. Therefore, it is better to consume it in moderation to prevent health risks. Some bothersome hangover symptoms include weakness, tiredness, dry mouth, thirst, muscle, headache and stomach aches, vomiting, nausea, sensitivity […]

Seven effective hangover remedies


Your last night’s meeting might have gone great. But how to cure a hangover of the last night? That uncomfortable discomfort leads you to be in bed all day and with disgust. But, with Cocktail Cleanse, you will be able to deal with your hangover easily. If you want to go out partying and wake […]

7 foods to eliminate hangovers


Most of the people at some time in their life have experienced having a hangover that will not let them get out of bed and had sworn not to ingest one more drop of alcohol. But there will be no need for that if you have these foods to cure the hangover.

How to eliminate a hangover with 3 tricks and Cocktail Cleanse


These 3 tricks will help you prevent getting a hangover. When you wake up after drinking, it is common to have a pounding headache, dry mouth, nausea, and excessive thirst. Whispers can seem like screams, and sunlight feels like a flashlight in your face. These are the characteristics of a hangover.