Currently, several traditional remedies seek to combat the effects of a hangover. These remedies range from taking vitamin supplements, eating certain foods, or even exercising to minimize the annoying state of hangover.

According to various studies, there is no effective method to end hangovers. But studies suggest certain nutrients may lessen the effect. By loading up on nutrients that facilitate the removal of acetaldehyde, you can minimize the effects of a hangover. Cocktail Cleanse, the best hangover cure, is strategically formulated with the essential vitamins and minerals needed to help metabolize acetaldehyde. Therefore, preventing a hangover.

Our blend

  • supports the body’s natural ability to process alcohol
  • promotes healthy liver function
  • replenish key vitamins and electrolytes lost from drinking

Pharmacists created these liver cleanser pills for hangovers. Our pharmacist-created blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and herbs helps to eliminate alcohol-produced toxins thereby preventing hangovers. Consuming 2 of our liver detox capsules before your first drink, you will be preloaded with the necessary vitamins needed to eliminate alcohol-produced toxins.

Exercising can also help eliminate toxins

Aerobic Exercise

You don’t need a strenuous workout the day after drinking. Generally, any low-intensity aerobic exercise that causes your heart rate to increase and heavy breathing are fine. Alcohol is eliminated through breathing. So, increasing breathing is an excellent way to eliminate alcohol from the body. Just a gentle cardio session in the gym or a bike ride outdoors will suffice. Remember, with excellent hydration.

Do not go overboard with intensity. Just keeping a constant rhythm will activate the body’s metabolism and favor the elimination of toxic substances from the body like alcohol.

Yoga – simple method to combat a hangover

There are specific yoga poses deemed beneficial to detoxifying certain organs. Doing yoga will improve the way you feel on the inside and leave you with more energy. These yoga poses will help you rid your body of toxins especially, those created from a hangover. Here are a few yoga poses that will encourage your body’s natural ability to detoxify and be used as a hangover cure.

  • The Revolved Chair Pose
  • The Sage Twist Pose
  • The Shoulder Stand Pose

If you do not want to rely on yoga, Cocktail Cleanse’s milk thistle vitamin or the lover detox capsules will work perfectly.

Rest – best remedy for a hangover

Although exercise has been an aid in improving hangovers, sometimes resting is just as beneficial. The longer you rest, the more energy your body will have to use when processing alcohol and put an end to your hangover. Sleeping the next day can help you overcome even the worst symptoms. Sleeping in a cool, dark, quiet place will be the most comfortable to help you overcome a hangover.

If you have severe symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, you may want to stay home and stay hydrated to feel better after a hangover.

If you take the liver cleanse pills for hangover by Cocktail Cleanse, you will not have to face the severe symptoms of a hangover in the first place.

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