Alcohol is the main culprit for a hangover. Consuming different varieties of alcoholic beverages at the same time can even worsen your hangover. That is why it is always said to be aware of what and how much alcohol you drink. With the Cocktail Cleanse’s hangover prevention capsules and liver cleanse pills for hangovers, you can prevent getting hungover the next day and give a fresh start to the day.

If we keep on drinking constantly and do not take care of the liver, it can prove to be very harmful to us in the future.

Can we first start by applauding our liver for the many hats it is forced to wear? This vital organ works hard every day to filter out toxins and waste from our body which we introduce via food, chemicals, and the environment.

The primary function of our liver is to convert toxins to water-soluble byproducts for excretion through bile, urine, and sweat. When the liver is unable to complete these tasks, the overall health is compromised.


IIt is responsible for eliminating 95% of ingested alcohol from the body. The rest is excreted through breathing, urination, sweat, feces, and saliva. Alcohol is broken down to acetaldehyde by an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase(ADH). Acetaldehyde is a very poisonous carcinogenic and is said to be responsible for the dreaded “hangover”.

With the lever detox pills or the Cocktail Cleanse capsules, you can easily healthily prevent hangovers.

Cocktail Cleanse can help your lever get rid of the toxins that enter through alcohol in your body. By loading up on essential nutrients through the best cleansing cocktail before drinking, your body will be better equipped to metabolize and process toxins created by alcohol. It is the best hangover cure.

3 Tips to Keep Your Liver Healthy While Drinking

If you have decided to indulge in this popular pastime – drinking alcohol, here are a few tips that you can follow to keep your liver healthy.

If you drink, do it moderately – You can understand what an alcoholic drink is, based on the concentration of alcohol in it. That way you will be aware of the amount you are consuming and keep self-control.

Avoid Drinking on an Empty Stomach – Alcohol absorbs faster into your body if you are an empty stomach. According to the research, food with a higher fat content will take much more time to absorb. That is why alcohol will stay in your stomach for a long time and will even take longer to absorb.

Drink Coffee – Coffee is one of the most favorite beverages of almost everyone in the world. Research proves that drinking coffee can help in lowering the risk of many liver diseases. One can not decrease the risk of liver diseases if one drinks regularly. That is why if you drink, drink with care and caution.

With Cocktail Cleanse milk thistle vitamin and liver detox capsules, you will be able to enjoy a couple of drinks at a party without worrying about getting a hangover. All you need to do is consume the right amount before you start drinking.

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