Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend taking 2 capsules with food 30 minutes before your first drink.

Our strategic blend is designed to prepare your body with the necessary nutrients needed to metabolize alcohol at the first sip! That’s why it is imperative to take it 30 minutes before your first drink.

It is thought that, alcohol isn’t the reason we develop hangovers. When alcohol is being broken down it creates a toxin called acetaldehyde. The accumulation of this toxin is the reason for hangovers.

Your body can only breakdown one drink per hour. The liver is the body’s main organ for disarming and disposing of toxins. When you drink you’re putting stress on your liver combined with the influences of modern life, toxic overload is invitable. Having one drink simply adds to the toxins.

First, it’s important to understand the effects of alcohol on the liver, an organ that’s responsible for converting and storing nutrients into substances human cells can use to function. When we consume anything, the liver filters that matter and ensures no toxic substances enter the body as such

Your body can only eliminate 1 drink per hour. For patients who don’t have liver disease, physicians generally recommend not exceeding the equivalent of two drinks a day for men or one drink for women. One drink is equivalent to one 12-ounce beer, one 5-ounce glass of wine, or one 1-ounce shot, Yoo said. (The amount may vary depending on the person, including whether they have any signs of liver disease.) Binge drinking typically refers to either over five drinks for men or over four drinks for women within two hours.

First, lets understand what is said to cause hangovers. The simplified version: Liver enzymes are responsible for breaking dowm alcohol into acetaldehyde, a posionous toxin your body your body needs to get rid of quickly. These liver enzymes can be more plentiful (and thus more effective) in some people, and less plentiful in others. For those of us granted less, this means our body just isn’t as efficient at getting rid of the acetaldehyde. It hangs around longer leading to the most common side effects of a hangover pounding head, dry mouth, and nausea.